Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you know me? I stole from Norda's - Identify me and get $1000 CASH

Do you know me? I'm worth $1000
To claim your cash call
Norda's 435-575-7669 or
Summit County Sheriff 435.615.3550

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watch them in action:
for a motion picture:
see them in action:

Two more videos: and

Some of the key items stolen: 2009 Lib Tech Skate Bananas, 2008 Lib Tech Dark Series 155cm, Rossi Jdub MTX 154cm, Rome Anthem 153cm and 156cm snowboards, Mini Logos, Filp Burnquist Psychedelic, Girl Mariano Big Girl, Plan B Duffy 3D skateboard decks....

$1000 Cash Reward for information leading to the conviction of thieves.

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