Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gavel vs. Pavement - Road Rash

Road tires at 120 psi. + turn + gravel = sting in the shower

A bit of road carnage: The truck did stop but pulled out a bit more than I expected so the left turn was forced wide on my road bike and I found a patch a gravel. I wasn't even going that fast but just the wrong mix at the wrong time. The driver made sure I was alright and very nice. I told him only my pride was hurt. The worst part is the scratch and small dent on my Dura Ace shifters... that doesn't heal itself.


Papa John said...

Except for that, how did you enjoy the bike ride, Mrs. Lincoln? Apparently we should all do whatever we are doing defensively, even though some times it doesn't help as much as we would like.

Your Pal Roland said...