Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Skiing the Arabian Desert at Dubai

My brother Chad was able to ski the desert magic of Dubai. Could I be more jealous??? (Only if is was an 18" day at Snowbasin - but still this is on the list of things to do in my life).

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort. For $50 Chad got two hours of skiing, boots, poles, pants and jacket (no gloves or hats-- Chad thought he was tough but it was pretty cold) . A woman from the Philippines help Chad get rent his clothing, an Egyptian man helped him with equipment and lift attendants were from India and Bulgaria. Chad rode up on the lift with someone from Ireland, England and Alabama.

View From the bottom. Glad to see the NSP are keeping a close watch on the skiers and boarders
Looks like a private run at Deer Valley, Utah

Chad looking sporty in the rental outfit on top of the run. Doesn't look too crowded...
A Lebanese restaurant at the base of the resort. I rate my ski day heavily on my lunch experience.
The rental skis and the groomed corduroy snow. Our 81 year old dad (he still skis 4 days a week) would have enjoyed the ski conditions. It was 40 degrees centigrade (104 F) outside with high humidity
Outside the upper part of the "mountain"


Papa John said...

I read somewhere that they were planning an indoor ski area in Atlanta that would be twice the size of the one in Dubai but I can't imagine anyone having that much disposable income available unless they were in the oil business. Anyway, Chad made a lot of us jealous.

Ski Dubai said...

What bothers me at Ski Dubai is the non-ecological aspect where the resort burns an excess of 5 tons of oil every day to keep the cool snow! Too bad.