Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review: Dynastar Legend Pro XXL


One advantage (among many) to working at a ski shop is being around all the new gear every year. Another perk is actually testing some of the product. Every season around February manufactures of skis and snowboards get together for an on snow demo and allow shop employees to test the next season gear. For the past few years this has happened in our back door at Snowbasin, Utah. (It doesn't get much better than The Basin but please don't believe us and stay out of our lines)

Last year with a few inches of new snow on top of more new snow we had a couple great days riding some of the fatter ski models. The Dynastar Legend Pro XXL 187cm (132 - 109 - 122) was under my boots for a couple runs. What a ski! Up front I have been a bit old school on the width of my skis. I have skied all my life and have never been afraid of size until width came into the game. I love ripping down a groomer but thrill at speed floating in powder too. Big turns, big speed and a big smile. Even during the high school and junior high days I was on the longest skis of my friends and in most cases I still am (I tower at 5'6 3/4"). Back in the 90's while ski patrolling at the local mountain I loved to straight line 213cm Super G Skis with my favorite neon one piece suit. I never have skied with my legs together like some of the old duffers so please give me some credit. Anyway, I digress....

Back to the story: Now with more side cut and better materials, wider skis seem to have a carving sensation even in the softer snow which pleases me and the Dynastar Legend Pro XXL is no exception. Rolling a ski on an edge is not common with the youth of today but I just can't stop it. The day was sunny with a few high mountain clouds rolling off Ogden Peak. It had already been a fantastic day with a great lunch. After lunch two epic runs on the XXL down John Paul, with a couple new friends of the industry, found myself in paradise. Never before had a ski with a width of more than 87mm come to life for me. The XXL's 109mm waist gave me more float in and out of the 16" fresh snow and packed down crud. The race room built ski still performed like a race ski, the faster the better, but it was quick in and out of the trees and sent me flying down the hill. At one point I was caught in the back seat as I came around a few trees and a skier was down hill resting in my line. Because of the XXL energy I was able to toss the normally large heavy skis around like a pair of park skis to avoid hitting the wide mouth skier. This was when I fell in love with the ski and said, "I will have a pair of these in my quiver next year."

The other surprise was how the ski handled on the groomers going to the powder and then to the life line. Most wider skis just don't have enough radius or energy in the skis to make them tolerable when you are not in the deep snow. Face it, at a typical resort much of the run is going to and getting from the powder on a groomed trail or traverse, another reason I have not liked many fatter skis. The XXL never left me skidding a turn or wanting a 213 Super G. This ski is not for the timid or skid-turning short ski skier. I road the 187cm and it was more than enough ski for my 165 lb. frame but the ski also comes in the mammoth 194cm edition. The faster you go the XXL will come alive and give you more in return. tomE


johnEboy said...

That's it I'm sold. I just need to talk to Santa.

Your Pal Roland said...

Just when I had told Lorie that I was good for skis this year, I saw the Freeskier review on the Legend Pro and thought "Crap, now I'm stuck." Now you come along and add to the "fire of my desire." Rats! I've got to find some money somewhere that my banking wife DOESN'T know about. Wish me luck.

Papa John said...

Sounds great but is it OK if I stick with my old Atomic skis anyway? They seem to get me down the part of the mountain I ski without much difficulty and, with two new knees this year, aggressive I definitely won't be.

emetski said...

I need a bigger quiver.... maybe I can borrow Johneboy's for a few runs while he's at work and still get me a pair of 4X4's and Speed Course WC's

Anonymous said...

Love your discription of life saving moves when you need them.
Anyway I can aprieciate the long to short ski syndrome. I feel like I have to have a pair of these for special days and deep stuff. I am an agressive expert, very fit,190 lbs, skied for 42 years, an average year skied was 150 at a tough mountain named Whitewater in B.C. Canada and I am 62 years young.I could blab and blab as I have had a perfect ski bums life and worked to.
Anyway, I also am a tough sell on the new,wider and shorter skis. I always liked the hand built racing skis at 207cm with realy bright florescent yellow top to attract every ones attention while you ski at warp 9 and they were good in the fog.
I have tried some longer 188cm Rossi S7 which were rockered. They were very nice but I like the sound of the XXL cause they are not rocked but are realy wide with a great base area and 194 cm long. This will be a very fast ski at that length. Enough, gota have em!