Sunday, September 14, 2008

Norda's Ultra-Half Marathon

Norda's (maybe first annual)
Dr. Pepper, Banana Bread & Cheese
Ultra-Half Marathon;
Run For The Cure
Saturday October 11th, '08

For More information please visit:

Sponsors:, Dr. Pepper, NFE Banana Bread

"Run Slow, Ski Fast!" "How's your Bill?" "Start Slow, Than Taper!"


Your Pal Roland said...

I'm pumped. Will forward this to that Isom boy.

emetski said...

If I don't run do I still have a chance at being cured? Also can I wear the race shirt when I ride my bike to In-N-Out for lunch? I better get shirt my order in.

Your Pal Roland said...

Tom, don't worry about designing a medal - Dave Isom is working on that. I told him 10 would cover the number of entrants, but who knows, this thing could really take off, especially if Steve Matthew's training is on schedule.

Dave was also wondering what the "cure" was for. I told him to contact Lisa Shupe.