Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dynastar Contact 4X4 Ski - My Pick of the Month

One ski for racing groomers and busting crud. Review: Dynastar Contact 4x4

With a lack of snow early in the local Wasatch Mountain of Utah my pick of the month for a ski would be the Dynastar Contact 4x4 Ski. Deep powder days are not too fare off but without more big dumps a ski that switches favorite conditions is a great option for all skiers. This race chassis ski was built for speed with a bonus.

Skiers like myself who enjoy ripping a groomer switching form SL turns to GS turns with a few straight lines in between will find excitement in this high energy ski that will go off piste with a bang. A wider foot than most race skis, 75mm, and a 16m @ 178cm radius gives this high energy ski a pop in-and-out of crud and powder. Like an Escalade driving downtown Friday night the 4X4 switches to off road pleasure all weekend.

The Dynastar Contact 4x4 Ski comes equipped with a PX14 TI Binding, Sidecut: 122-75-106mm Sizes: 158, 165, 172, 178, 184cm, Skill level: Advanced/Expert. When I made a few turns on these skis I remebered why I like to ski, for FUN!!! Make sure you get on a pair this season, if not, you'll be one year older when you do. tomE

I filmed myself enjoying a few turns at our local ski hill, Beaver Mountain, on the 4x4. Not the best I know, but the skis are sure fun!!!


j dudley said...

Makes me homesick for ol' Beav. If things go right maybe I can give the 4x4 a ride in March....or April...or next Dec.

emetski said...

Excellent footage. You ski the 4X4's just like you turned your old 223cm Kastle's - effortlessly.