Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2010 Lib Tech Snowboard Review

One of the best things about working at a ski/snowboard shop is I get to try out all of the gear the season before it's released. The snowboards I am most amped on is Lib Techs line-up.

The Dark Series has a new camber story for the 2010 season. It's called C2 Banana. C2 offers the best of both worlds of banana rocker in between your feet and of camber under your both feet. Riding this board you could really feel the difference at high speed bombing groomers flat based it is a lot more stable than a board with just banana. But because of the banana it is still a poppy fun board to ride. And with the Magne-Traction the edge hold is beyond amazing. This is going to be the board I am going to ride next season.

Another board I might have to get for next season is Banana Magic. This board really is magic. This board is super poppy and with the magical mystery sidecut it is super fun to carve. You can totally lay-out you heel edge turns like a surfer railing his bottom turn. This is also very environmentally friendly because in place of fiberglass it has an all basalt construction I think this adds to it poppyness. I know it's summer but when you get a chance you really need to try this board out it will change your life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Have you actually ridden a banana magic? I just sold my skate banana because it had no pop and was too squirrelly at speed. I'd love to know if the magic is different.