Saturday, February 7, 2009

my suprise ski pick of the year - Review: Surface Life Life 2

I can face the fact I'm a bit old school.... It's hard for me to keep up with my teen age daughter down a race hill and I don't even try to hang with my boy in the park. So when you ask me to ride rockered, reversed camber, ultra fat and wacked out ski shapes I kinda shrug my nose. I was mighty sceptical when I jumped on a pair of Surface Life Life 2 skis. The pre-bent tip and tail (3 Stage Rocker Technology) offer a great ride in the powder if you are going forward or switch and the wood core gives the ski it's "life" and quick response.

What impressed me most about these fine engineered boards is the ability to still hold a reasonable amount of edge and control on the firm snow. Face it, most fat skis rock in the deep stuff but if we are not riding the helli bottom to top every run some of the time we are traversing, skiing to the lift and not in the soft stuff. Plus one may want to drop into the park while riding these boards.
I am still old and prefer the more back mounting or as the graphic says "there" instead of the center "here" mounting. With the ease of the bent shape a more back mount fills like you still have some ski under foot. Those of you who plan to land or take off not seeing what's ahead will love the centered mount.

My surprise ski pick of the year Surface Live Life 2 : rating 4.5 out of 5 hot dogs

179cm140/112/132Running Length: 1463
189cm 140/112/132Running Length: 1535

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